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Why get an MOT with Ely?

Ely Auto Care is a DVSA approved MOT testing centre, so you know that when you bring your vehicle here it’s a place you can trust to get a true and accurate examination from a team of highly professional testers.

What you need to know about MOT’s

An MOT test is a legal requirement for every vehicle over three years old (and every year thereafter) in order to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum environmental and road safety standards. The tester will evaluate the road worthiness of your vehicle based on the condition of various components which he will meticulously study for any sign of inadequacy.

MOT certificate

Should your vehicle pass the test, you will be issued with an MOT certificate which is valid until one year from the test date. However it should be noted that this only means that the vehicle was road-worthy at the time of the test and should not be a substitute for regular maintenance

How long does it take?

Generally speaking an MOT test should take between forty five minutes to an hour. Whether you want to leave it in our safe hands and get on with your day or stay and wait for the test to be completed, It’s completely at your discretion.

What if your vehicle fails?

Should your vehicle fail the test for any reason, we have the facilities to carry out any repairs  that you may need. Whether its as minor as a simple lightbulb change or as complex as a complete replacement of head gaskets you can rest assured that we’re equipped to deal with anything that might crop up.

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